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This site is designed to provide you information on numerous basketball opportunities throughout the Empire State. The site is meant to be a dynamic one, that will respond and expand to meet the interest of those that stop to view. The site is constantly being updated to reflect opportunities coming up in the Spring and Summer of 2016. We welcome your comments, suggestions and observations as the content of the site evolves.  
Click on the links to the left to visit pages that describe:  summer leagues for high school teams and college players as well; AAU tournaments open for registration and game schedule information; camps and instructional opportunities; an invitational skills demonstration clinic sponsored by the BCANY, and general information about AAU around the state. 

Important/ New Information...

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 The 19th Annual Summer League for High School and College Women will once again be held this year, on the campus of Union College

League Details and Application forms have been posted on the links below. 

No admission...come see these talented ladies compete in a nice air conditioned facility.

High School & College Women's Summer Hoops League

Thanks to all teams that once again participated in this year's summer league play!

Women's College League:

Frequently Asked Questions
Player Registration Forms

High School League:

Player Release Form

College & High School Summer League Schedule (click on the link below)

Check Back Later, this link under construction


Check Back Later, this link under construction




To reserve a spot, and then send in your registration documents, simply send an email to:



If you have been here before....make sure you "refresh" your browser to ensure you get the latest posting.  Also...directions to the sites can be found by clicking the link entitled, "Tournaments" on the above left.





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