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Empire All Stars College Women's Summer League


League Summary (2017)

For the 19th  year in a row, a competitive summer basketball league is being held.  This year's league will be held at Unopn College.  The college league will commence during the week of July 5.  Email correspondence will be transmittted to all players that have indicated their intent to partiipate outling the dates for the open draft and start of league play.


Registration & Fee (click for registration form)
All participants must submit a completed registration form, that can be accessed by clicking on the attached link. Fee for participation in the 2017 summer league will be the same as last year (as well as last year). This fee (will) cover the (increased) cost of gym rental, player jerseys, officials, clock and score keeper costs, player insurance, (supplies including balls, score books, etc) and clock rental. Please note...a partial list of those registered to date can be found by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page for women's league rosters.


Participation in the league is open to all college level players and Junior College, as well as alumni thereof. High school seniors that (will) have graduated as of June, 2017 will be allowed to participate.

Rules & Player Limitations

All participants must have league registration fees fully paid for the current year (as well as any previous years), prior to participation. No member team shall make any payments for play or expenses directly or indirectly to any player.

Team-Player Draft – Women’s College Division

For those of you "new" to the league, some teams come to play, already "formed" with current players that live in the area, and/or alumni or friends that wish to play together. That's fine.  If you don't have such an affiliation, we conduct a "draft". As in previous years, the  team/player draft will be conducted, prior to the start of league play at an appropriate time and venue. This year...the draft  will (generally) tale place on the first night of league activity, i.e. on a date TBA. Everyone who is registered or who intends on registering should attend.   (f you cannot make it that night...not to worry....you can and will still be put on a team...and you can still participate in the league.  Instead of scheduled games...we will have "organized scrimmages" in a round robin format...such that the team captains can then make "informed" decisions about the players they are drafting. The scheduled league games will then commence on July 2nd.

Please note: only those registered and fully paid will be permitted to participate. If a player's fee is not paid, they are not insured. If they are not insured...they will not be allowed to participate...so don't even ask!