Empire Allstars First Experience


            What's this about???

REad on..to get the "411" on this new opportunity
for entry level AAU hoopers.

Who:    The opportunity being offered is designed for 3rd & 4th Grade Girls
who have caught the fever of girls hoops...  Two (2) teams of 12 girls each...for a total

24 players, will be provided the opportunity through an open tryout process.

What:    A different focus for the next "crop" of what we hope will lead
to a nucleus of  players that have learned basic fundamentals of the game

of hoops, grabbed the fire and excitement of personal accomplishment by

achieving success on the court, and thereby fostering a
thirst to get better and above
all that they enjoy the game. This will be accomplished by providing them great roll models,       
as instructors and coaches, that are all accomplished college players that reside

in this area.

Where:  The teams will practice in the capital district area, within an easy commute
for the participants.  the focus will be on teaching basic skills and above all the importance
of spontaneity in being successful on the court.  While the teams will be schooled in some
basic offenses and defenses...to be able to function as a unit...there will be Little emphasis
on traditional "X's & O's...which really should be of little import to entry level athletes at
this stage of their development.  (It is our philosophy...that over emphasis on such "structured"
practice...leaves little time for personal improvement and often leads to disenchantment with
the game...and often leads to promising athletes being driven to another sport.  The teams
will also participate in up to five (5) local tournaments that are held at University at Albany. 
(It is our contention...that 3rd & 4th grade girls DO NOT need to travel...three hours, pay big $$
to get enough competition to demonstrate their passion and flair for the game!)

How:  If this opportunity is of interest to you...or if you have questions...let us know...  Simply
send us an e-mail to:  director@empireallstars.com

When:  A general interest meeting will be held on Monday, February 28th beginning at 5:30 p.m.
There will be the opportunity to meet our principal staff, and the coaches.  We will provide an
overview of the AAU experience in general, the specifics of the Empire Allstars First Experience,
and answer any of your questions or comments.  The meeting will take place at the Albany Ramada
Plaza Hotel, located at
3 Watervliet Avenue Extension, Albany, N.Y. 12206 * Exit 5 off I90

So...come join us on the TBA..and learn more about the Empire Allstars First Experience

Lastly..if you would like more information and a little more about the philosophy of "why" this program...

Click on this link..to read a printer friendly overview of the philosophy behind the program as well as
answers to some of your likely questions...  Click here!