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Empire All Stars High School Varsity & JV Women's Summer League

The schedule for the high school varsity and JV Divisions of the 2017 Summer League will be posted the 3rd week of June.  To access, simply click on the link below.

All of our summer league games will be played at Union College.


League Summary

For the 19th consecutive year, a competitive summer basketball league for college women is being held at HVCC Nine years ago, we expanded the league to include a high school division. The high school games will be played on the same night at the college women's league. The league was well received...with all teams indicating they wanted the league to continue. So...we have expanded the league, based on that growing interest.

So... your team can participate on a safe playing surface, inside...so weather is not a factor, and you and your team will be able to see players at the "next level" as the college division will follow your games each night.

League play will commence the first week of July, all participating teams will be notified by e-mail. To view the schedule, click on the icon above, that is labeled “ Schedule” for a complete listing of all game dates, times and locations. The league will consist of two divisions for girls high school varsity level teams and one for JV girls . The league will be limited to 20 varsity teams and 8 JV teams from around the capital district. The schedule you will see by clicking on the link below is that for the college women's division...and LAST YEAR's High School Division.  The schedule of games for the first week is posted and can be viewed by clicking the  link above, entitled, " SCHEDULE".

Registration & Fee (click for registration form)
Each team must submit a completed registration form, that can be accessed by clicking on the attached link. Fee for participation in the 2017 summer league will be $625.00 per team for a team of 12 players.  Teams that carry more than 12 on their roster, will be assessed $6.50 per player, for each player above 12.  This fee covers the cost of gym rental, officials, clock and score keeper costs, player insurance, and clock rental. Each team should bring their own balls. The home team, i.e. the first team listed for any game, is designated as the home team...and will provide the "game ball" for that game. (We have attempted to provide game balls for the H.S. division, as we do for the college division...but too many balls "walked" our of the gym.  If you have ideas how to control...we would be happy to reconsider.)


Participation in the league is open to any high school team that is fully registered and paid.

Rules & Player Limitations

All participants must have league registration fees fully paid for the current year (as well as any previous years), prior to participation. No member team shall make any payments for play or expenses directly or indirectly to any player.

Player Release Form  (Click to obtain a printer friendly version of the player release form.)

Each player/participant in the Empire Allstars Summer Hoops League is required to sign (and have signed by parent/guardian) before they can compete.  The form, once signed will remain on site with the League Director.  The forms should be collected and consolidated by the respective team coach.

League Rules (Click to see a copy of the rules)

Playoffs  (Click to see procedures for the league playoffs)