to the general information page concerning the upcoming 
2010 Capital District Shooter's Camp. 

Below, you will find information generally about the scope and schedule for the camp as well as a printer friendly "flyer" that should be printed out, completed and transmitted along with the camp registration fee for individuals wishing to participate in the camp.

So...let's get started.                                          You can also Click here...for a printer friendly copy of this Q & A page.

Q.   What is the focus and objective of the camp?

A.  There are lots of camps...that provide instruction on a  wide range of  basic basketball skills, game situations, etc, all incorporated into a game or competitive formatwith lots of emphasis on games and having fun. Those camps are fun...and serve a purpose. The Capital District Shooter's Camp, sole focus is to provide instruction as the recognized, form shooting talents developed and perfected by perhaps the greatest shooting instructor currently in practice.  Dave Hopla.  Yep...we know it sounds like Hoopla....and we often get questions about his name...but that's the one he was given at birth!  The camp breaks down a player's shot...and rebuilds it to provide a system of shooting that will raise the player's game to the next level.  But, perhaps most importantly, the camp provides the serious student of the game...the means and methods to successfully PRACTICE to be a good shooter.  The camp will NOT make you a better shooter...it WILL provide you the tools to become a better shooter through hard work and dedication.  The ONLY thing that will MAKE you a better shooter ...is YOU.  The camp provides the tools...you provide the effort and sweat.

Q.  When is the camp scheduled for?

A.  The 2010 Camp will start on wednesday, August 4th, 2010.  The Camp will meet twice per week, at 6:00 p.m. on Mondays  and Wednesdays.  The camp will run for five sessions...ending in the week of August 18th.

Q.  What is the camp format?

A.  Participants will be focused on shooting, shooting and more shooting.  Dave Hopla's (proven) philosophy of shooting is based on "muscle memory and self confidence".  Just like your heart and lungs...these muscles have been trained to respond the same each and every time they are called upon to pump blood through the body, and to replenish needed oxygen into your body.  The camp gives you the tools (and means to practice them) to "train" your muscles to step, site and shoot...with the same, repetitive motion every  time you target the basket.  The "confidence" component comes from knowing how to shoot, and then practicing it with success...over and over...hence leading to the building of self confidence in the ability to hit your shot...when needed.

Q.  Who is Dave Hopla? 

A.  Dave is perhaps the most renowned basketball shooting coach in the land.  This is his ONLY business.  He coaches shooting for a living.  To find out more about him ...you should visit his web site, at:  http://www.davehopla.com/about-dave/

Q.  How does this camp relate to Dave?

A.  The Dave Hopla Shooting Camp, for several years...was a regular event in the capital district.  Many ladies now playing at colleges all over the northeast...were students of Dave's at those clinics...4 or 5 years ago.  We are fortunate to have Dave Hopla coming back to the region in September of this year.  The Camp Director, Coach Dave Decker worked with Dave at all of the events he put on in the Albany area...as well as during several of the shooting camp weekends at basketball camps throughout New England.  Coach Decker has arranged for Dave Hopla to come back to the Albany area in September.  Those individuals participating in the 2010 Capitals District Shooter's Camp...will receive a 50% scholarship into the shooting weekend with Dave Hopla in September.

Q.  What is the camp format?

A.  Working with Camp Director, Coach Dave Decker, there will be six collegiate players from the area that have have or will be playing college basketball in the fall.  Each coach will be working with no more than six campers on the court.  The first night of the camp will include a viewing of one of Dave Hopla's Shooting Video's which will be the basis of the instruction during the camp.

Q.  How do I register to participate?

A.  Simply download and print, one of the printer friendly camp information and registration forms....send it in, along with your camp registration fee, or drop it off at Union College during the conduct of the Summer League for Women's Basketball ongoing at Union College.

Q.  Where do I get the Camp Flyer and Registration Form?

A.  Click on this link for a printer friendly copy of the camp flyer and registration form!